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A Guide To Choosing a Patio Umbrella

Is it just us, or is this the hottest summer in like, forever? It makes it kind of difficult to enjoy a nice meal outside eve if we do have a nice porch or patio. But hey, a patio umbrella is the perfect solution to beat the heat. But sometimes you just need help choosing the right one. We’re here to help you select the one that’s the right shape and size.

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Relaxing with Ashley Furniture

This blog is the third of a three-part "With Ashley Furniture" series. Let’s be honest; most of your weekends are booked up with fun plans with friends, but sometimes you just need to hang out at home, relax and catch up on your favorite TV shows. Here are some fun ways you can create your own haven and go into full relaxation mode.

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The Right Way To Wash Your Comforter

When was the last time your comforter went through a spin cycle? We get it – you avoid cleaning it at all costs since it’s bulky and takes foreverrrrr to dry. But, did you know that not washing your comforter could also impact your health? Yikes! If your comforter has seen better days, keep reading to figure out the best way to wash it (hint: aim for at least once a season).

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