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It’s the biggest game of the year – and lots of us will be headed to a party. If that’s you, you may be feeling the pressure to bring a snack to share, especially since those football-watching parties are known for their delicious dips, wings, and appetizers. But hey, have no fear – you can easily make something mouth-watering for under $20 that’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Loaded Nachos

Can you go wrong with tortilla chips, cheese, and toppings? We don’t think so. Nachos are the ultimate in great taste, customizable toppings, and budget-friendliness. You can even set up a nacho bar so guests can build their own nacho plate, which is a great option for picky eaters and people with allergies. Some toppings to consider:

–        Shredded meat such a chicken, pork, or ground beef (best served on the side for vegetarians)

–        Shredded cheese and melted, nacho cheese

–        Diced tomatoes

–        Black olives

–        Corn

–        Chopped onions


A timeless classic that will still be the first thing to disappear from the food table. Crescent rolls wrapped around a mini sausage link or hot dog creates a savory and flavorful bite-size treat. Try not to fill up on them before the game even begins! These can also be customized by adding seasonings to the rolls or cheese on top, so have fun with it!

Football Brownies

Want to share your sweet tooth with your friends? They’ll thank you when you bring fudgy brownies! Craft regular brownies (either from a box or from scratch) into a sporty treat by using icing to draw footballs, a field goal, even the team logos onto the top! You’ll be the star of the party with this artistic (and delicious) dessert option.


7-Layer Dip

A 7-layer dip offers everything a partygoer could want and more. There are endless ways to layer this dip, but our best advice is to use your heaviest ingredient as the base (refried beans), and then layer on sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, and scallions. Like the nachos, this is customizable! Love black olives? Throw some on with the diced tomatoes or to decorate the top of your dip. Scallions a little too onion-y? Feel free to leave them off. Once layered, serve with tortilla chips and bask in the glory of making the champion of party dips.

Bacon-Wrapped Anything

Bacon is one of those foods that makes everything taste better. Luckily, it’s super easy to work with and can be added to almost anything. For bacon-wrapped potatoes, wrap a piece of bacon around a small potato (like fingerling) and secure it with a toothpick. Bake a batch of these for 45 minutes and try not to eat them all before you get to the party. If you want to add a little bit of health to the party without sacrificing taste, try bacon-wrapped asparagus and bacon-wrapped pineapple.  And if you really want to create an irresistible party snack, there’s always bacon-wrapped tater tots and meatballs. Cooking times and temperatures will vary based on what you’re wrapping your bacon around, but in less than an hour and with only a few ingredients, you can have the yummiest platter at the party.