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A high-contrast photo shows the dark outline of a collared cat sitting on a window sill and looking out over its cloudy, snow-covered domain.

Staying Positive During Gloomy Winter Weather

It’s perfectly normal to want to cuddle up under the covers with the cat and feel the heaviness of gloomy days. Apply these tips to…
A colorful pile of discarded desks, chairs, shelves, and other miscellaneous furniture.

Recycling Your Old Consumer Products

Furniture and other large products aren’t easily pitched into a bin for delivery to the right recycling facility, so we’ve gathered some resources to help…
A woman in running clothes and a bright orange pullover leaps across a snowy walkway lined with snow-covered trees.

Staying Healthy in Cold Weather Months

Baby, it’s cold outside! All that motivation for getting healthy in the new year is now facing deterrents like chilling temps, snow, and torrential rains.…

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A woman rides an orange surfboard on a small wave with partly cloudy skies and palm trees in the background.Lifestyle

Let’s Go for a Ride

It already feels like winter in much of the U.S.! And with the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend coming up, we already know there’s going to…
November 22, 2022
Steaks being seasoned with herbs as they cook on bbq grill with vegetable kebabs.Lifestyle

Grills & Smokers 101

Are you suited up for summer? Because summertime is backyard grilling time and if your patio isn’t dressed to the nines by now, you’re late…
June 21, 2022