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After a super tough year like this one, we all still have to carry on with normal things around our homes and with our families as much as possible.

When appliances break, they still have to be replaced. When the kids outgrow their toddler beds, they still need to have suitable places to sleep. But, what options are there when resale marketplaces come up empty, a pandemic makes it impossible to do thrift shopping, and delivery from big box stores is totally unaffordable?

Check out Aaron’s! It’s a great opportunity to get the furniture and appliances you need with a lot less worry than most people expect, and we already have a lot of happy customers who chose lease to own.

Aaron’s is Not Only Used Furniture

The first great thing about shopping at Aaron’s is the selection of brand-new, name brand stuff for nearly every room in the house. Aaron’s has hundreds of items available in-store and online and they’re all current styles and colors.

If you so want to save a little money, though, individual Aaron’s stores also offer preleased items in great condition. You can see some of those items by visiting your local store’s website and you can also call the store to ask about preleased items you need that you don’t see listed.

Aaron’s is Not Rip-Off

Aaron’s is never out to trick you. We want to make it possible for you to get the stuff you need to furnish your home affordably and on a budget.

When you’re shopping in-store or online, you’ll see our prices for lease-ownership right next to each item starting with the monthly payment price (for 12-, 18-, or 24-month leases), the cost of lease services, and the total cost of ownership. (The “total cost of ownership” is the price of the item once you’ve paid it off and own it out right.) The only dollar amounts that aren’t shown are taxes – because those vary from place to place – and added fees like late charges or the cost of joining Aaron’s Club.

Aaron’s Returns and Lifetime Reinstatement

When you rent to own from Aaron’s, you also get a huge benefit that should keep your stress lower in case you’re worried about your budget changing. That benefit is called Lifetime Reinstatement. It means any time after your item has been delivered, you can contact your local store to schedule to return items according to your agreement. You won’t get a refund, but you also won’t owe any more payments on the returned items. Then, the Lifetime Reinstatement benefit allows you to restart your lease anytime you like on the same or comparable value merchandise (excluding lawn equipment). You can ask any associate at your store or online for more details about how it works.

These are just a few of the great things about shopping at Aaron’s! We’ve been providing an affordable option for everyone who needs furniture, electronics, and appliances since 1995 and you can learn more about some of the modern day customers we helped by checking out these customer testimonials.