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It’s springtime! What better way to celebrate than throwing a Spring Fling to welcome warmer weather and blooming buds! Whether you’re hosting a kid-friendly party or a grown-up celebration, this lively event is a fun and festive way to spring into the new season.

Springtime food and drinks

Light finger foods are a great option for feeding guests! They’re easy to make, affordable, and save on both cooking time and cleanup. Some easy options are tiny finger sandwiches, pinwheel, a fruit or vegetable tray with hummus or caramel dip, or a simple chip and salsa to snack on alongside heavier options. These foods are typically mobile, so it’ll keep your guests moving and lively, rather than seated with plates of food. Spring is the season of thriving gardens and orchards, so serve delicious juices in pitchers or create mixed drinks from interesting choices, like pomegranate and pineapple. If you want to skip the soda, serving refreshing seltzers in assorted flavors is a great option that provides both taste and hydration.

Colorful and bright decoration

Flowers, sunshine, and blue skies – these symbols of spring are perfect inspiration for the decoration at your spring party! Brightly colored tablecloths and garlands and floral patterns for tableware are a great starting point, and many decorations can be easily made from low-priced supplies from your local party or craft store. All pastels and even neons can be used to brighten up a room and shake off the winter.

Enjoy the outdoors

After a long and cold winter, who wants to be cooped up inside? If the weather has cleared up where you are, take the festivities outdoors! Use your backyard or even a local park to lay out some blankets and chairs and finally enjoy the warm temperatures and sunshine. Tie balloons to trees, drape pastel tablecloths over tables, and encourage people to spread out in the grass. Just watch out for ants!

Make it active

If you have kids with tons of pent-up winter energy, this is a great opportunity to finally stretch their legs and get it out! Gather the young ones and play a few rounds of tag, red rover, or duck duck goose – and for older kids, even a simple race can be fun! Use a timer to see who can get from one end of the backyard to the other fastest, and give a special reward to the winner.

Spring is the perfect season for celebrations – the snow is gone, summer hasn’t set in with its heat and mosquitos yet, and everyone is itching to feel the sunshine. Get your invitations ready, gather friends and family, and make this spring the most festive yet!