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Whether family is in town for the holidays, you have friends visiting, or someone just needs a place to crash, if you have a spare bedroom in your home, you’ll probably have overnight guests from time to time. If you’re someone who loves hosting others (or even if you’re not!), it’s easy to provide a comfortable, stylish, and cozy sleeping space for your guests – without spending beyond your means.

Keep the room uncluttered with plenty of suitcase space

No one wants to feel like they’re sleeping in a storage closet. Even if you keep extra items in your spare bedroom while no one is over, clear it out in time for your guests’ arrival so they feel comfortable, with plenty of room to stretch out. Some guests enjoy putting their clothes in closets and drawers, so make sure they have space to feel at home.

Add additional furniture

Besides a bed and a dresser, a well-decorated guest room should feature a few other pieces of furniture, too. This can be a chic nightstand set with a lamp, a bench at the end of the bed, a work desk, or even an interesting floor lamp or wall art. You can also choose a theme – nautical, rustic, farmhouse, or another favorite design style – and create a room that feels like a curated experience. 

Small touches make them feel welcome

It’s easy for an unused bedroom to feel stale. Liven up the space before your guests arrive by planting a few signs of life – a lit candle or fresh flowers are great ways to welcome them to their stay. If the room is typically used for storage or doesn’t see a lot of traffic, open the windows, dust the surfaces, and freshen the linens. These extra efforts not only make you an excellent host, but show you genuinely want your guests to have a comfortable stay (prepare for repeat visits!). 

Keep it festive with seasonal touches

Visitors for the winter holidays? Around Halloween? The 4th of July? A cute and fun way to create an enjoyable guest room is to decorate! You can find affordable, festive throw pillows, and wall hangings at many big-box stores, online, or even your local discount store. Light seasonal candles (always a great idea in the fall) and if you have room in your budget for extra bedlinens, consider matching the color scheme to the time of year – oranges and deep yellows for fall, green and red around the holidays, and pretty pastels in spring.

Don’t forget the basics

Your guest room could be perfectly decorated, smell fresh and fragrant, and provide excellent natural lighting but that won’t mean much if you forget the basics of what your guests need. Make sure to stock extra towels and washcloths, supply enough pillows and blankets, and make room for them in the bathroom. They may forget toothpaste or soap (it’s happened to all of us) so it’s a good idea to already have some in the bathroom, just in case. 

Having guests requires a little extra work and hospitality on your part, but is a rewarding experience that your friends and family will surely appreciate. It’s a good feeling to take care of others and make them feel welcome – just don’t be surprised when you’re the first one they call when they come to town!

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