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The temperature is creeping upward. 

Your A/C is on blast. (Don’t have one? We can help.)

… and your stomach just grumbled.

We’re sure the last thing you feel like doing is turning on your oven, so what’s the solution? It’s easy – a light, summer salad to cool you off and fill you up. Salads are the perfect customizable meal, from low-calorie and vegetarian to decadent and packed with proteins and yummy add-ons. No matter what you’re in the mood for (or how hungry you are), there’s a salad for you! Check out a few of our favorites below and get mixing!


1.     Strawberry Spinach Salad

Adding fruit to a salad is a classic twist. Spice (or sweeten) up this spinach salad with strawberries to add a fruity flair as well as beautiful color (Foodstagram, anyone?)


2.     Chickpea Pasta in a Jar (or on a plate!)

Need a mobile option? This salad is pretty and portable – not to mention delicious. With a burst of protein from chickpeas, this pasta in a jar is satisfying and fun to build. Regardless of whether you eat it at home or on the go, it’s sure to hit the spot.


3.     Tex-Mex Stuffed Chicken

In need of comfort food? We’ve got you. Tex-Mex is crowd-pleasing, tummy-filling, and downright delicious. Layer your toppings over a bed of lettuce and get your fill of nutritious vitamins alongside the decadence of stuffed chicken.


4.     Kale Salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing

Ready to upgrade your salad game? Want to try some new flavors? We’ve got the salad for you! Kale is known to be mega-healthy, and paired with the interesting carrot-ginger dressing, you’ll feel like a health-conscious gourmet chef in no time.


5.     Watermelon Salad with Feta and Cucumber

Quench your thirst and your hunger in one easy salad. Juicy watermelon chunks star as the centerpiece of this salad, and the tangy feta and mild cucumber keep the mix from being too sweet. Perfect. Don’t forget the napkins!


6.     Creamy Cucumber Salad

If you’re a cucumber fan, this salad where your fave veggie is the star is sure to delight your taste buds! Paired with a simple, creamy dressing, this salad[MS1]  is easy, tasty, and refreshing on even the hottest of summer days.


7.     Cowboy Caviar

To be fair, this is more of a dip than a salad – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make a great summer snack! Packed with filling and nutritious beans and vegetables, this is the perfect take-along to a backyard shindig or even just an afternoon on the couch. Grab the chips and dig in!


8.     Classic Caesar

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple – especially during the dog days of summer. A classic Caesar salad will do the trick, and it can be as involved or hands-off as you want. Feel like spending some time in the kitchen? Make your own croutons and Caesar dressing to create a truly homemade meal. Just want to eat? Hit the store and grab all the pre-made supplies and toss it in a bowl. Either way, this salad is a staple for a reason.

Remember – you can make your salad unique to you! Half the fun of trying new recipes is swapping out ingredients with your own personal tastes. Have fun and eat up!