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Periwinkle plants deliver pops of color atop a ground cover of deep green leaves. Their tiny flowers vary from nearly white, to perky pink, and lively lavender—the hue we most commonly associate with the plant. Now, it’s the color trend watchers believe we’ll most associate with 2022. Say, “hello,” to periwinkle!

Periwinkle as a creative tool is a little bit blue and a little bit violet, visual impressions of calmness and inquisitiveness, familiarity and possibility. In other words, periwinkle is a nod to a year in which we are hoping for stability and questioning how our days will unfold; but we are hopeful.

This choice is a departure from all of the neutral gray and natural tones we’ve grown used to seeing everywhere from renovated retail facades to apartment interiors. It almost feels a little fanciful amidst modern farmhouse, rustic, and industrial decor. Design trends may be making a 90° turn toward more playful environments!

Adding Periwinkle to Your Home

If you are ready to pop some periwinkle into your home, it will complement the neutral gray and natural tones in current styles of decor quite easily!

Look for pillows and throws in lavender or similar hues and place them on the accent seating in your family room. Lay a purple gingham runner across your farmhouse-style dining table. Top the owner’s suite bed with a lilac damask comforter.

And if you’re ready for a total home makeover, periwinkle is right in line with the home decor color trends that started developing in late 2021. Include as many of those colors as you want to create a pastel dreamscape throughout your living space or just in one special room.