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The great thing about chocolate is that is goes with almost everything. Then, if you get that chocolate all warm and melty, you can dip almost everything into it and call it “fondue!”
Your parents or grandparents may even remember owning a fondue pot and serving kit from back when fondue parties were all the rage. (That was a long time before fondue fountains were a twinkle in anyone’s eye.)
Fortunately, fondue doesn’t have to be a big, fancy production that requires specialized tools. The five recipes below show how fast, easy, and cheap it can be to make chocolate fondue at home and share it with family or friends as a spur-of-the-moment treat.
Two-Ingredient Chocolate Fondue
Yep, that’s all it takes with this recipe by Favorite Family Recipes. Plus, this one can be prepared easily in the microwave or on your stove top. It’s the perfect recipe for your first fondue because it gives all the ins and out of what foods are most dippable, and even includes some flavor variations. Check it out at Easy Chocolate Fondue.
Milk Chocolate Fondue
Who do we trust with a recipe more than Betty Crocker? She knows all the tricks of the trade, so you trust this grownup variation of chocolate fondue won’t do you wrong. This recipe includes the addition of liqueur (or flavor extract) so you can punch up the flavor profile of your fondue. Read the recipe at Milk Chocolate Fondue
Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue
When patience isn’t your main virtue, forgo the use of the microwave and the stove by opting for a slow cooker instead. The brilliant minds at The Thirsty Feast have it all figured out. Plus, by using a slow cooker, you won’t be going back to the kitchen to reheat your fondue throughout the evening. They also include a storage suggestion for leftover fondue. As if! Get the details at Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue.

Healthy-ish Chocolate Fondue
If you’re vegetarian, vegan, lactose-intolerant or otherwise looking for a less-decadent version of chocolate fondue, Blue Zones has your recipe. This non-dairy version requires a few more ingredients and a little more prep time but is still very easy to prepare. Find it at Easy Chocolate Fondue.
White Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate isn’t for everybody, oddly enough. So if you or your friends want a dessert fondue without the chocolate, All Recipes has a creamy, vanilla version that should hit the spot. Again, this variation requires a few more ingredients and some additional effort to get the consistency just right, but it’s delightfully dippable all the same. See the recipe at White Chocolate Fondue.
Fondue parties may have been the trendiest excuse for our elder family members to get glammed up in the 1960s, but once you’ve mastered your fondue-making skills, you’ll find it can be the easiest excuse for asking everyone to pitch in a dippable treat so you can all gather for an evening of sweet, low-key hang time at home.