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Mar. 30 is Take a Walk in the Park Day, a day to remember that enjoying the great outdoors is a walk in the park! Because green spaces are everywhere in the U.S., you shouldn’t have any trouble at all finding a place to explore on your own, with a friend, or with your entire family.


Check out the National Park Service to find out which of its 84 million acres is closest to you. Browse through 14 million acres of state parks. Or just hop over to your favorite playground. Just get out there and Take a Walk! It’s really, really good for you!


5 Ways Walking in the Park is Good for You

  1. Walking releases endorphins, those happy hormones released naturally in our bodies to create feelings of better well-being in response to pain or stress. That boosts your mood!
  2. Walking keeps the snack monster at bay. If you find yourself craving sugary junk food, don’t give in! Take a 10-minute walk instead. During the walk, and for a short time after, your body will forget all about that craving.
  3. Exercise burns calories and fitness walking counts as free and easy exercise! You can start a new walking habit with any length of time that’s comfortable and build up over time to daily walks of 30 minutes each. It’s a habit that can help you lower or maintain your weight.
  4. Exercise boosts melatonin which is one of the sleep hormones that’s released naturally by our bodies. Establishing a walking habit helps improve your sleep habits so you can feel truly rested every morning.
  5. Some benefits come only from walking outside. Being outdoors provides benefits like vitamin D (from the sunlight) and challenges like uneven paths, hills, and obstacles that strengthen your balance.

Don’t forget: check the weather before your walk so you can dress appropriately and drink plenty of water while you’re out there!