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The internet is the gift that keeps on giving… Especially when we need step-by-step instructions on how to wrap a present! These videos may get you out of a gift wrapping jam or inspire you to turn your gift wrap into a gift itself.

When the Box You Have Needs to Be Longer

We’ve all been here! When the box you have is just not quite big enough, this hack could be your lifesaver.

When You Need Assistive Gift Wrap

This hack makes it easy-peasy for those with a physical disability to open your gift!

When You’re Out of Tape

If the tape dispenser is nowhere to be found, here’s a way to wrap your gift without any tape at all.

When You Want to Wrap a Bottle

You can zhuzh up that bottle-shaped gift by upcycling fabric into this pretty wrap.

When Your Gift is an Awkward Shape

Some gifts are just oddly-shaped. This hack shows you how to wrap it like a pro.

When You Don’t Want a Regular Bow

If you’ve got some ribbon but making a bow just isn’t your style, try this pretty ribbon hack.

When You’re Out of Ribbon

This cute paper bow is a stylish replacement for the usual gift topper.

When You Need More Hands
Making a bow can be tricky with just two hands. Use your feet instead!

What other gift wrapping hacks have you seen or tried out this season? Share them below and let us know if they worked in real life as well as they appeared in the video!