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Mother’s Day is every mom’s big day off. Don’t let her lift a finger to do any work, not even to cook for herself! Make a plan to let her sleep for as long as she wants and then be ready to deliver brunch in bed to her as soon as she’s ready! (We’re assuming she’ll stay tucked in until at least 11 a.m., right? That means brunch time!)


Mom won’t be expecting a gourmet chef-prepared meal. Just making the effort to hand-deliver some things that she doesn’t have to make for herself is enough to make her feel special. So, let’s get to creating a Mother’s Day Brunch menu!


Her Favorite Beverage

This may be the most important element of your brunch delivery: her preferred morning drink. Brew up her favorite coffee and deliver it with milk and sugar on the side, blend her favorite smoothie, pour some orange juice, or deliver a cool glass of water. Mom can get started hydrating and waking up while you assemble brunch. (Don’t forget to deliver refills!)


Fresh Fruit Flowers

You’ve probably seen ads for those pretty and expensive arrangements made from fresh fruit, but have you realized how easy is it to make those yourself? All you need are small cookie cutters, fruit, wooden skewers (aka stems), and a cute mug (aka vase)!


Small metal cookie cutters will work the best for this project. You can use flower shapes, stars, birds, hearts, or almost any shape your mom will like. When you’re shopping for fruit, be sure to select varieties that can be cut into slices about a ½-inch or less thick so you’ll have a nice surface for cutting out the shapes. (Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, apples, pears, kiwi, and pineapple are ideal.) You can add grapes and berries to your fruit flower stems as you build your arrangement. An important note: Before you build your arrangement, fill your “vase” with cut fruit, nuts, candy, or something else that will weigh it down and keep it from tipping over after you add your stems.


Bacon & Eggs

Scrambled eggs and bacon are super-fast and easy to make on the stove once the fruit arrangement is done. If you want to do some pre-prep the night before Mother’s Day, whip up some egg salad and buy pre-cooked bacon that only needs a quick zap to crisp up in the microwave. In the morning you can serve egg salad on toast or crackers and top it with crumbled bacon. That will make it feel extra fancy!


Because it’s a special day, this can be anything from an actual dessert—like strawberry shortcake or pie—to a sweet breakfast pastry like a muffin, doughnut, or puff pastry. You know what she likes and what she’ll see as a special treat whether it’s considered a “breakfast” food or not. Packaged muffin mixes come in so many flavors and take just minutes to mix and bake, but you can also buy individual breakfast muffins and pastries in the bakery section of most grocery stores.


Brunch for mom isn’t about going overboard with a fancy recipe or spending your rent money on taking her to the hottest new restaurant. Making her brunch will let her start the day relaxed, well-fed, and feeling loved and it’s that last one she probably wants the most.