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With the beginning of the holiday season kicking off with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are soooo many ‘days’ for non-stop shopping. But Giving Tuesday encourages people to be charitable after Thanksgiving, during the busiest spending season of the year. Here’s some background info on #GivingTuesday and creative ways you can participate.


History behind Giving Tuesday

In 2012, two United States organizations, the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation, joined together to brainstorm ways to give back to the community. After we’ve spent all our money on gifts, they realized we also needed a day for people to give back by donating to communities and charities.

By 2014, Giving Tuesday was officially global, and the movement included individuals and organizations from over 60 countries. From big companies to celebrity foundations, organizations started matching donation efforts – and we’re talking about a lottttt of money. In 2018, the total amount in donations given on Giving Tuesday was around $400 million just in the US!

Financial donations aren’t the only way you can participate and celebrate the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Here are some unique ways you can join in the #GivingTuesday festivities.


1.     Spread the word

In 2015, a survey showed that 93% of Americans were aware of Black Friday, but only 18% knew of Giving Tuesday. Kind of sad, huh? Playing a part in the Giving Tuesday experience doesn’t just take money – it takes awareness! Use your social media accounts to publish posts and to spread the word. And don’t forget to use the hashtag, #GivingTuesday, so you can keep up with all the updates!


2.    Donate your time

There are tons of organizations that could use a helping hand giving back to the community. Schedule a day to help a local animal shelter or non-profit organization of your choice. Make it a group activity with your family or friends so you can all get into the giving spirit. Here are some organizations and volunteer opportunities that are great to get involved with!


3.    Donate your clothing

With winter only a few weeks away, this is the perfect time to go through your closet and create a pile of all the clothing that you NEVER wear. (We all have that one top that has never been worn in the last year, right?) From pants that don’t fit or tops you just got tired of, anything is worth giving! Check out this link to donate your clothes to these local or national organizations.

4.    Donate your canned goods

If your kids aren’t a fan of your canned collard greens and lima beans, don’t toss them – donate them! Food pantries can always use canned goods. Sift through your pantry and set aside canned foods that your family won’t use. And don’t forget to check the expiration date! It’s important to make sure the food will last a long time for another family 😊

5.    Donate your dollars

We know that every penny matters, but just a few dollars can go a long way! Choose an organization or non-profit that you admire and send some cash their way. The act of contribution is what counts. All organizations will be thankful you’re helping them out!