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When you’re living in a college dorm for the first time, one thing that easily gets overlooked when dorm planning is bathroom necessities! To make your bathroom planning a bit easier, here are some must-have accessories to crack the dorm bathroom code.


Shower Caddy

The best way to keep all of your bathroom necessities in one place is to use a shower caddy. Your soap and shampoo will be together, which will make your shower trips super quick and easy. Check out our fav caddy that is as cute as it is convenient.


Flip Flops as Shower Shoes

There are dozens of people all using the same shower, so you definitelyyyy want to keep your feet off the floor. An inexpensive pair of flip flops will do the trick! Check out allll the different colors of flip flops that will keep you in style as you trek back and forth.


Towel Wrap

Ladies, get out of the shower with ease by using a towel wrap. This is a total game-changer for going back and forth from the dorm to the bathroom. Now you can quickly get in and out with ease – here are some of our veryyyy cool towel wraps.


Styling Station

Trying to juggle your hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron? Use a styling station to hold all of your necessary hair products and store them easily in your room. Interested? Here is a great styling tool station.


Mesh Clothing Bag

Finding a mesh bag for your change of clothes is a must. It will definitely help keep them dry and will serve as a perfect bag for your dirty clothes afterwards, and they will make your life a whole lot easier in the dorm.