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Your home is more than just the place you sleep at night… it’s also the perfect place to show off your personal style with the furniture and decor you love! If your style is more contemporary, you’ll want to be very specific about which pieces you want to feature in your home. With modern home décor, less is more and intention is everything. Let’s take a look at some ways to pull off a picture perfect contemporary look in your very own home.

Contemporary bedroom set

Contemporary bedroom set

Keep It Simple

In contemporary home décor, simplicity is key. You want to keep everything uncluttered and carefully select each item so it stands out, but still contributes to the overall look.

Basically: give things space. White space on walls. Open windows with lots of light. A minimum number of items on a table. All these tips help highlight your furniture without any one item dominating the appearance.

Even exposed structural elements like plumbing pipes or heating ducts can be painted the the same color as your walls to create more space, or in a highly contrasting color to create a focal point. With this style of design, everything in your space has a reason.

Utilize Geometric Patterns

Clean lines are a must for the modern look you want, and the best way to achieve them is with geometric patterns. Think diamond-shaped mirrors hung evenly by an entry way, or plain hexagon-shaped vases.

Another good example is our very own geometric air plant terrarium. The possibilities are endless. Sculptures, textiles, furniture, fabrics on pillows, wall art. They can all be used as a place to bring geometric patterns and small amounts of vibrant color into your look.

Blend Masculine and Feminine Textures and Colors

If you’re cohabiting a space with a significant other, you might find a clash of styles, but that can actually work quite well for a contemporary look… with the right approach.

Start with a completely blank slate. Add one of each of your items to a room and see what balances each other out. Just make sure that the colors and textures work together. Keep adding until you have just enough without cluttering your space.

You can also mix dark, rich furniture with light, airy lamps. The result will be a modern look you’re both happy with.

Play with Textiles and Throw Pillows

Contemporary living room collection

Contemporary living room collection

When it comes to color, neutrals always need to dominate your space and serve as a backdrop for accents. You’ll still want to keep the accents to a minimum, but it’s where your personality really comes into play in the form of pillows, blankets and rugs.

Oh, and also: be sure to keep your color schemes in mind and look at each room as a separate canvas. If a room has less going on, go slightly more vibrant with your accents. Just remember, everything needs room to breathe in order to remain contemporary.

The Final Touch… accents!

Now that you know what your overall colors and textures are, it’s time for the finishing pieces. Remember to keep things simple. Even something as basic as a picture frame should have clean lines and neutral colors. Group them together in a geometric shape that creates even more hard lines. Even the art you add to your walls should follow these basic rules to complete your modern look.

When it comes to furniture, be sure to shop our entire contemporary collection of bedroom sets, couches, bookshelves and more to fill all the areas of your modern home.