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Is the father in your life a coffee connoisseur? Does he insist on only buying beans whole and applying mathematical equations to find the perfect grind—which he employs immediately before brewing? Can he wax on about brewing methods, bean origins, and flavor profiles?


Yes? Then you should consider creating a home coffee bar for Father’s Day! Even if your guy isn’t quite so over-the-top about his java, a coffee bar will give him his own little out-of-the-way spot to prep his morning brew before school or work, during WFH breaks, after dinner, or any time a craving strikes.


Step 1: The Coffee Maker(s)

The first order of business for his new coffee bar are coffee makers! These can run the gamut from traditional drip brew styles to specialty espresso makers but if he, or you, are an iced coffee lover, too, you can include a countertop cold brew maker as well. If dad likes to prep his coffee by individual cups, add an electric tea kettle to his coffee bar so he always has hot water on hand for his next pour over.


Step 2: The Coffee Grinder

Sure, he can get by with one of those little $10 grinders that barely holds a half-cup of coffee beans, but doesn’t dad deserve a coffee grinder that can give his beans a precise grind? Different types of roasts and different brewing methods require different grinds, so if your guy likes variety in his cups of joe, a high-quality coffee grinder is the way to go.


Step 3: The Coffee “Bar”

If your home has a cubby for his coffee bar already built-in, you’re golden. If you need to make a spot for his coffee bar, find an empty corner and add a kitchen cart. We carry a number of wood top models that include cabinet space for oversized storage and drawers for all the accoutrements like spoons, filters, napkins, etc.


Fathers do a lot of heavy lifting in our lives and a home coffee bar will be a little luxury that he can indulge in for years to come! Be sure to include a few “#1 Dad” mugs for home and travel so he’ll remember how much he’s loved with every sip.