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With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pick out a gift that shows your dad how much you appreciate him. Need a little help? We got you. We’ve put together our top 10 list of dad accessories we know he’ll love! 

1.     Upgrade his grilling apron 

Nothing is worse than dad getting grease on his white polo and jean shorts. He’ll need to protect his not-so-stylish duds with a grilling apron. And if you’re going to get him an apron, you might as well go with one that will last for years. This awesome apron won’t break the bank.


2.     A Smart Thermostat

If your dads are anything like ours, they love to complain about the thermostat. It’s always either too hot or cold, and you had better not DARE touch that thing! Instead of having your dad complain about “cooling off the whole neighborhood,” get him a smart thermostat so he can control the temp from his phone.


3.     Personalize his grilling utensils 

Yes, another grill-related gift. What can we say? Dad loves to grill! Not just any tongs and spatulas will do — make your dad the envy of the neighborhood with a set of personalized grilling utensils. They’ll last forever and his friends can’t steal them! 

4.     Carry beer in style 

If your dad likes to hike, camp or tailgate, he’s probably always looking for an easy way to take beer along. Check out this convenient beer sling that is perfect for taking a six pack on the go and keeping it cool.

5.     Meat Pulling Claws 

If you’ve ever had to help your dad pull apart a pork butt, you know how long that takes. Speed up the process by getting him a set of meat pulling claws! We really like these – most importantly, your dad will love ‘em, too.


6.     A personalized cooler

Dads love to nerd out about coolers – that’s just a fact. Gift him his next go-to cooler that’s ideal for his next pool or beach day. You can get one with his name, his favorite sports team, or something else! Check out these personalized coolers that make the perfect gift.

7.     Men’s subscription box

Not all subscription boxes are for ladies! Subscription boxes are a great way to get your dad anything from beard oil to shave gel and more! Find the perfect box for your dad so he can keep feeling loved month after month. This box is a great choice. 

8.     Bluetooth speaker 

Whether he’s tailgating or grilling out, music always makes things better and gifting your dad a Bluetooth speaker makes for a great Father’s Day gift. We love this Bluetooth speaker because it’s super compact. Get ready to hear his favorite hits on repeat.

9.     Digital tape measure

Dads always have some sort of project going on around the house. Whether he’s remodeling his man cave or building a shelf for his tools, he’ll need to measure and a digital tape measure makes the work easy!

10. New power tools

Scientific research has proven that dads love power tools. Ok, maybe research hasn’t proven it… but you can’t go wrong by getting your dad some power tools to work in the yard. Good news — we have leaf blowers, weed eaters, and more at Aaron’s!