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This year, July 4 lands on a Monday and that means we get to enjoy a true 3-day holiday for our Independence Day celebrations. That also gives you an entire weekend and a day to keep the kids entertained while they get amped up about the big fireworks show! If you’re already ready to keep the kids busy for a while, we’ve scoured the web for patriotic project ideas that’ll keep them entertained while they decorate for the festivities.

Make a Patriotic Windsock 

We love this festive idea! If you’re a craft supplies hoarder, you probably already have plenty on hand to make this pretty decoration using scrap fabric, ribbons, and an embroidery hoop or other type of craft ring. And if you don’t already have the supplies, you won’t have to spend much at all the make this Patriotic Windsock. Bonus: It’s not messy and there’s no glitter involved.

Popsicle Stick Flags

Large and small craft sticks are great for these little American flags. You can have the kids work up enough to use them as drink coasters during your July 4th festivities, or combine them into a banner to hang on the mantel or on the front porch. These do require some paint, glue, and manual dexterity, so have an older kid around the help with any littles who are working on this popsicle stick craft.

Paper Fireworks

Everyone loves the bright and colorful blast of a big firework. The big and bold “ka-boom”? Not so much. This paper craft brings the sparkle inside without all the noise. If you don’t have dowels, use drinking straws. No fancy fringe cutter? Just scissors will do! Have a grown up nearby to help with the glue gun. Otherwise, these Paper Fireworks are a piece of cake for kids and tweens.

Sidewalk Chalk Decor

When the weather is nice, put the kids to work outside with a big bucket of sidewalk chalk and give them the theme of America the Beautiful! If you’re fresh out of chalk, and feeling brave, try making your own sidewalk paint with cornstarch and food coloring. Here’s a recipe: DIY Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint.
One they’re finished, enjoy their handiwork and creativity. And, hopefully, after all that work, they’ll fall asleep early with dreams of stars and fireworks dancing in their heads.