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We don’t know about you, but one of our very favorite places to be is in our bed (and preferably napping). Since you spend so much time snuggled up in it, why not let it show off your personality? There are tons of different headboards that can jazz up your space – here are a few of our favorites!


1.       Metal

With an open design and sleek rods, metal headboards give beds a different depth and vibe compared to other styles. Typically, they are made of iron, but can also be crafted from materials such as copper, aluminum or steel. Just make sure you take care of it properly, so it doesn’t rust 😊


2.       Wood

For a more luxurious and elegant feel, wooden headboards are a great choice. They are a classic fit if you like a more traditional styled headboard and bed frame.

You can also stain it or paint it for a modern and fresh look.



3.       Upholstery

Want to match your bed with your décor? Upholstered headboards give you the flexibility to do just that, with various fabrics, like linen or microfiber. Now, you can customize and choose the perfect style and size for your bed. Interesting fact – those little divots throughout the headboard are called depressions and add some character to your headboard!


4.       DIY Headboard

Make your customized headboard a fun home project! There are lots of inspiring videos online that can help you choose the materials and provide the necessary directions to have a beautiful new handmade addition to your bed. Interested? Check out this awesome DIY headboard video that is both affordable and gorgeous.