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This blog is the second of a three-part “With Ashley Furniture” series. Be sure to check back for one more upcoming blog.

Since we’re sure your dinner party was an absolute hit, let’s keep the energy up and add some entertainment. And what better way to entertain than to have a game night with some good old-fashioned competition? To help you get started, here are a few tips for planning your night:


1.       Fun Games

Get ready to find out which friend takes game night veryyyy seriously. For a small group, whip out some board or card games to get the party going. If you have a larger crowd, any fun new games from Minute to Win It or a class game like charades will get people on their feet. Interested in games outside of the box? Check out this link.


2.       Good Ambiance, Good Vibes

Bring your game night to life with good tunes and a fun atmosphere! Create an up-beat playlist to add some oomph to the room. Rearrange the furniture so it’s ready to seat all your guests for the main event – the games! Just the smallest touches to a room can go a long way.


3.       Quick Snacks

Make your snack station like a drive thru so your friends can grab and go! Step up your appetizer game with finger foods and savory dips, and add a twist on your typical chips and dip and serve crackers with a different spread – like these yummy buffalo chicken dip or hummus recipes.

4. Designated Bar Station

Create a drink station so your friends can refresh and refuel. Just add cups, ice and all the ingredients needed to make your gang’s favorite cocktails. And if you’re unsure about people’s drink preferences, encourage your friends to bring their own beverages. Just make sure the drink station is far enough away from the games, so nothing gets spilled during that super intense game of charades.


5.       Customize Drink Glasses

Avoid an excessive amount of dish washing and customize everyone’s cups. If you’re using wine glasses, you can use little rings with individual charms that wrap around the stem of the glass; here are some fun options. If you’re using plastic cups, just put a permanent marker at your bar station, so people can write their names on them.



6.       Comfortable Seating

People obviously need somewhere to sit – and Ashley Furniture has cracked the code for the ultimate combination of comfort and style. Any of these pieces will provide great seating for you and your friends to settle in for a night of games!

7.       Safe Sofa Covers

When your friends are celebrating their wins, make sure their victory dance doesn’t end in a stain on your furniture. Prevent drink spills and food fails by using a couch cover that slips right over your furniture. After everyone leaves, you can just toss it in the wash. Easy, breezy.


Let the games begin!

The “With Ashley Furniture” blog series will build up to a big Aaron’s® event on May 13th!  Check back soon to get more at-home tips from Ashley Furniture.