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Flowers and greenery have been given as gifts and used as home decor for centuries. Their significance as religious and social symbols made them meaningful. Their prevalence in country sides and personal gardens made them easy to acquire.
Today, most of us can’t justify spending our hard-earned cash at the florist. And we don’t have easy access to the floral varieties and materials needed to make arrangements on our own. What we do have is creativity and affordable materials that we can use to make faux flower bouquets that are uniquely personalized for gifting or decorating!
Elevate Cheap Faux Flowers

Silk flowers generally look the most realistic and, for that reason, they’re also the most expensive. Unfortunately, flowers made from other types of fabrics or plastic can be quite affordable but also look very… er, cheap. They’re not out of the question, though! There are plenty of tips and tools available to bring some pizazz to even the cheapest faux stems! Coco Luxe teaches us a clever way to Make Cheap Flowers Look High Quality in this YouTube video. Then, the blog How to Create Your Own Bouquet with Artificial Flowers at Nearly Natural has tips for making faux arrangements look elevated.
Turn a Kids’ Craft into a Pop Art

Who says adults can’t use craft techniques designed for kids? Kids’ projects may be simple, but their materials are usually affordable and easy to find. First Palette provides instructions for making Accordion Paper Flowers in bright colors and patterns reminiscent of pop art paintings and installations. Wrap a dozen or more into a modern bouquet that will delight even the grouchiest grouch.
Recycle Plastic Trash into Floral Treasure

Nima Kiran’s YouTube videos show step-by-step how to turn your trash into treasure. It’s a real labor of love to make a flowers from plastic bottles, but anyone who sees these results will instantly believe in the value of upcycling! So, go on and grab your elbow grease, collect a dozen empty plastic drink bottles, and watch the Best Ever Plastic Bottle Flower Craft Tutorial so you can fashion a really impressive floral bouquet practically nothing!
Whether you try one of these techniques, go rogue with some duct tape, or dive deep with intricate origami folds, get started ASAP! Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Easter and Mother’s Day are close behind. You already know a faux flower bouquet is going to come in handy very soon!