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Life as a single adult can feel uneventful at times, especially when you’re low on walking-around money. (And aren’t we all right now?) It can feel especially tough, though, during the summertime when our social media feeds are filled with families spending time together at theme parks or splashing around at the neighborhood pool. But what’s there to do about it?
First of all, it’s okay to have a little pity party from time to time. After all, staying at home on a Friday night with a pint of rocky road is pretty easy on the pocketbook. But, if you want to keep yourself from sinking permanently into a lonely funk, you should put some things on the calendar. It’s good to have things to look forward to, and there are plenty of activities out there that cost little to no money at all. You just have to know where to look!
Meet Up with Like-Minded Adults
Try the free website to find one-off events or regular group meetings of like-minded adults who share special interests about any and everything from extracurricular sports to astronomy to dining out. Also check the website or community bulletin board at your local public library for book clubs, craft or cooking classes, informational lectures, and other free events designed for adults.
Set & Meet Personal Goals
If you prefer your “me time” over group activities, you can still stay engaged with your community by seeking others’ help as you stretch yourself. For example, you can start a small garden—indoors or out—and visit a locally owned garden shop for tips and ideas on succulents, flowers, vegetables or whatever strikes your fancy. If they don’t host beginner’s classes, they can probably direct you to some.
If you prefer taking in sights, set a goal to visit a new farmer’s market, art gallery, or pop-up shop every weekend. You don’t have to buy a thing, and you may discover an entirely new interest while you’re out there browsing!
Volunteer a Little Free Time
Volunteering is about giving yourself and your time to the benefit of others, of course but volunteering can also benefit you! As a single person, you can develop a new sense of purpose, gain new skills, and make new friends while you volunteer. Plus, you can start out with as little commitment as you like and ramp up to more or jump in with both feet! Find organizations you can support with your current skills, or look for ways to develop new ones. You can find opportunities everywhere from zoos to art galleries.
Don’t worry if you’re a little intimidated by the idea of getting out there and doing something totally new. Most people are! And don’t worry if you try out an activity but decide it’s not for you. Because, once you start looking around for things to do, you may discover more interests than you can possibly entertain.