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We really do get by with a little help from our friends, so let’s show them some gratitude and appreciation – with a fun Friendsgiving potluck! Regardless if this is your first or hundredth time hosting, here are ways to plan your holiday evening and to enjoy it to the fullest.


1.     Create invitations

Your guest list is the key to determine how much food and drink you need. Make a list of friends and get their e-mail addresses so you can send them an online invitation. Check out this cute online invitation option!

For the invitations, here’s the information you should plan to include:

–         Date and time

–         Your address

–         Contact Information (e-mail + phone number)

–         RSVP date

–         *Potluck sign-up sheet (details below)



2.    Plan the menu

Make a list of everything you plan on cooking and other entrees and sides that you’ll need for the meal. Since it’s a potluck, your friends can bring the rest of the menu items so don’t worry about cooking everything yourself. 😊


3.    Create a potluck sign-up sheet

A potluck sign-up sheet is the best way to make sure that all entrees, sides, and desserts are taken care of, and will help you make sure your Friendsgiving table doesn’t just have 9 pumpkin pies. Add individual items to the sign-up sheet, from the turkey to the cranberry sauce, so your friends can pick and choose what they’d like to contribute. Check out these online sign-up sheet options that you can use.

Once the potluck sign-up sheet link is finalized, add it to the invitation and e-mail it out to your buddies!


4.    Set the table

The less time you spend setting up, the better. Prepare and decorate your table with a festive centerpiece or a holiday runner that will bring it to life. Check out these beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces to give you ideas to add finishing touches to your table. And then you can cross one thing quickly off your to-do list.



5.    Play games!

What’s a Friendsgiving without the fun and games? Wipe the dust off any board games for some good old-fashioned competition. Or you can get active and play a game of charades to work off those dinner calories.


6.    Create a gratitude collage

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on your blessings and be thankful for what you have. Create a gratitude collage out of poster board from your local dollar store. Each guest can write their name and a reason to be thankful on it. On the back, write the year so you can keep track of who attended your Friendsgiving. Check out this great DIY gratitude collage!


7.    Clean up, clean up

Never wait until the end of the night to start cleaning. You’d be surprised how many dishes need to be washed, so clean throughout the day – before guests arrive, as they finish eating dinner, and when they leave.