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Christmas 2021 is expected to deliver continuing pandemic-related hiccups as interruptions in international product supply chains limit the amount of stuff on our store shelves. One of the reasons retail supplies of tech products in general—everything from automobiles to video games—are falling short of demand is a shortage of components. Yes, those little computer chips are holding up manufacturing of a lot of big stuff. Tech experts are now predicting suppliers won’t be able to catch up until 2022, if not later.

All that to say, if you haven’t already, it’s time to finish your Christmas gift shopping! We have a few ideas up our sleeves for the loved ones who are wishing for tech-related gifts. Check the links we’ve included here for some great gift ideas you can rent to own

Gaming Gifts for Christmas 2021

Anyone with a kid—or kid at heart—at home already knows the latest game system is always high on the holiday wish list. As if those things weren’t hard to find during a “normal” year because of demand and limited releases, this year’s supply chain issues are making many tech products even scarcer. The good news is, at press time, we have both the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X game consoles available! Just check those links!

If their wish list leans toward gaming in the virtual realm, check out the Oculus Quest 2 AIO VR Headset. It comes with everything needed to get in on the action. No console needed!

Active Lifestyle Gifts for Christmas 2021

If your holiday giftees like to stay active, get them the tech goodies they want sooner than later. Check out the GoPro Hero 9 for recording all their outdoor adventures or hook ‘em up with a Echelon Fitness Smart Connect Bike so they get their cardio up even when the weather outside is frightful.

Not everyone on your gift list is techy, of course. If you need some more ideas, we have things for your favorite do-it-yourselfer, like this 6-Piece Porter Cable Tool Kit, or for your favorite home chef, like these Ninja Foodi appliances. And we all know some families choose to forgo the little gifts and, instead, ask Santa to choose one big item for everyone. He can deliver all kinds of things from children’s beds to recliners and washers and dryers with Express Delivery on select items. Click through to see what’s available right now!