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The gaming industry is always coming out with new and improved consoles, games and materials. We get it – it can be hard to keep up! With gamers taking their hardware seriously, give them a gift this season that they’ll use and love! Here are some fun items that gamers will appreciate.



A special chair

Gamers love being comfortable, especially since they tend to play for hours on end. They also want to have the best view of their screens, whether they are sitting in front of a TV screen or computer monitor. Give them a gift their bodies will appreciate – a chair specifically created for gaming. They can be pricey but check out this link for some cheaper options!

Quick tip – make sure that you differentiate between a computer gaming chair and a video gaming chair (and yes, there is a difference).


Gaming headset

Multiplayer gaming is extremely popular and the main way to communicate with other gamers is by using a headset. We know that gaming can get pretty intense, so check out these sweet headsets that will set up your gamer for success.



From Xbox to PlayStation 4, all consoles need a controller. Why not give your gamer another? That way they’ll always have a spare. Make sure you are getting the right controller for the right console. Not sure how? Check out this link for clarification!


Rechargeable batteries

The worst thing is being in the middle of a game when the batteries die. Help them avoid this gaming nightmare by giving them some rechargeable batteries that will always be at the ready. And this great, small gift is perfect as a stocking stuffer!


Mouse or mouse pad

The mouse is a crucial item for PC gamers (well, they can’t play without it). Give them a mouse and a mouse pad to keep their gaming up to speed. Now when they are going ham playing games and something happens to their mouse, they don’t need to worry about buying a new one!


Unique Gaming-themed gifts

Worried about giving the gamer in your life a gift that they won’t use? No fear! Get them a video game-themed gift. Here are some fun gift ideas any gamer would enjoy:

–       Vintage video game phone case

Throwbacks are popular, especially when it comes to appreciating classic video game consoles. Give the gamer in your life a retro video game phone case to switch up their style. Check out this link for some cool examples!

–       Gaming coffee mug

Add some swag to your gamer’s kitchen with a fun video game themed mug! Every time they take a swig of their coffee, they’ll think of you! (Or the level they need to beat on the game they are playing). Here is an awesome video game mug that lights up once a hot drink goes inside.