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Some of us were born for working out with all the trainers, team sports, and group classes.

And some of have never uttered words like “the more the merrier.” Gym life just isn’t for everyone and that’s okay, because the gym can now come to us.

Getting fit at home is more possible than ever with the help of top-of-the-line gear and training without the public exposure of being at the gym, travel time of going to the gym, and whatever else is anxiety-inducing about being at the gym.

Ready to avoid the gym? Let’s get to know some of the popular Echelon Fitness exercise equipment that’s here to help anyone and everyone get fit at home.

Exercise Equipment That’s Smart 

Echelon can deliver gym-like experiences at home because it makes fitness gear that’s smart. In other words, Echelon devices are enabled for internet connectivity so you can exercise with them as you stream live classes, on-demand training, or other interactive experiences through the Echelon Fit app.*  A Fit app subscription provides 24/7 access to classes so you can work out with it whenever you want!

A Smart Treadmill

The Echelon treadmill, aka Stride, includes a built-in device holder for your mobile device on which you’ve downloaded the Echelon Fit app. You can speed through Stride’s 12 levels with live classes, on-demand classes, scenic rides, and while competing with others. And, when you’re not working out Stride auto-folds itself for storage. That’s right, the smart treadmill can fold itself down into just 10”. Just set it and let it do its thing. It’s really fun to watch!

Smart Rowing Machines

Echelon rowers are available in styles with smart screen included or with a built-in device holder for your personal mobile device. The rowers provide low-impact exercise, adjustable for up to 32-levels of indexing resistance as you row through live classes, on-demand classes, or scenic waterways and completions with others. The rowers are foldable for storage, too.

Smart Exercise Bikes

Echelon cycling gear, aka Connect Bikes, includes a variety of bikes that include a smart screen or a built-in device holder for your own personal mobile device. Connect bikes feature competition-style seats with 6” adjustment levers, ergonomic handlebars, and seat-mounted dumbbell racks for incorporating strength- and cross-training into your rides. Spin through live classes, on-demand classes, international scenes, or competitions with other riders. All Connect bikes are foldable for easy storage.

A Smart Mirror

Echelon mirror, aka the Reflect smart fitness mirror, puts the gym on your wall! The 40” tall, 20” wide, and 2 3/8” deep mirror is also a smart screen with a hi-def display that can stream live classes and on-demand classes for meditation, strength training, Pilates, boxing, core training, cardio, stretching, yoga, toning and more!

Instead of giving the gym a monthly membership fee, shop Aaron’s for Echelon Smart Fitness gear and rent to own your very own piece of gear for a low monthly payment. Aaron’s can help you OWN it.

*Subscription is not included with rent to own agreement. Some features and benefits of the Echelon Fitness equipment are not available without a paid subscription, including the Mirror and certain classes. You must purchase your subscription directly from Echelon, and fees vary based on subscription option selected.