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The best part of the holiday season is all of the delicious food you get to eat! It’s the only time we can shamelessly eat whatever we want (holiday cookies for dayssss). Attending holiday parties is super fun and deciding on a dish to bring should be just as exciting! Here are some tasty appetizers that are easy to whip up and won’t break the bank.


1. Homemade apple cider

Winter holiday parties can always use a tasty beverage to keep guests warm – bring your own apple cider as a sweet addition. To keep it hot, serve it from a slow cooker that you can plug in when you get to the party. Check out this simply delicious apple cider recipe. Don’t forget to make enough because it will be a hit!

2. Delicious sauce sampler

Dips are always a hit at parties – why not provide a variety and bring a sauce sampler? Choose three of your favorite dips and pair them with what goes best to bring out their flavor. From spinach & artichoke dip to a sweet cranberry dipping sauce, there are many to choose from. You can also have some crackers or pita chips on hand, as they go well with almost any dip. For additional inspiration, check out these sauce samplers that are to die for.


3. Bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks

Name a better duo than meat and cheese – we dare you! We just hopped on the bacon-wrapped mozzarella train and are so glad we did. Now everyone will thank you for bringing them to the party! Here’s the recipe:


·         1 package mozzarella sticks

·         3 tablespoons melted butter

·         2 tablespoons garlic, minced

·         Salt and pepper, to taste

·         5 ounces pre-cooked bacon


1. Preheat oven to 450°F.

2. In a small bowl, mix butter, garlic, salt, and pepper. Arrange mozzarella sticks on a nonstick cooking sheet and use a basting brush to spread the garlic mixture around. Wrap a precooked bacon strip around each mozzarella stick with the ends of bacon facing down so they don’t unravel. Cook for 10–11 minutes and enjoy!


4. Charcuterie board or cheese plate

A charcuterie board is a classic appetizer to bring to any holiday party! Load up a plate with various meats and cheeses that guests can enjoy throughout the evening. From pepper jack to sharp cheddar, and salami to turkey, your appetizer platter will definitely keep people’s palates satisfied. Not a meat lover? Skip it and create a cheese only plate.


5. No-bake peanut butter pie

Wait – there’s a pie you can make that doesn’t require baking? Count us in! This delicious peanut butter pie is frozen so no oven needed. Check out this recipe!


–         1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese

–         1 ½ cups confectioners’ sugar

–         1 cup peanut butter

–         1 cup milk

–         1 (16 ounce) package frozen whipped topping

–         2 (9 inch) prepared graham cracker crusts


1. Beat together cream cheese and confectioners’ sugar. Mix in peanut butter and milk. Beat until smooth. Fold in whipped topping.

2.  Spoon into two 9-inch graham cracker pie shells; cover and freeze until firm.



6. Bruschetta

Add a savory snack to the appetizer table with bruschetta! If you’re not familiar with it, bruschetta is a mixture of tomatoes, veggies, and spices topped onto toasted bread slices. It’s a unique snack that tastes great! Check out this awesome bruschetta recipe that guests will love:


·         1 loaf of French bread, cut into 1-inch slices

·         1/2 cup olive oil

·         3 Roma tomatoes, chopped

·         4 garlic cloves, chopped

·         1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

·         parmesan cheese

·         salt and pepper to taste


1.        Preheat oven to 400.

2.       Mix chopped tomatoes and garlic in a bowl.

3.       Arrange bread slices on a large baking sheet. Brush each slice with olive oil. Top with a spoonful of the tomato and garlic mixture. Add a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese on top.

4.      Bake at 400 for 10-15 minutes, or until the bread has toasted. Watch carefully!

5.       Once removed from oven, top each slice with a bit more tomato-garlic mix, some sea salt, and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.

6.      Serve and enjoy!



7. A variety of cookies

How can you have a holiday party without cookies? There are so many to choose from, like chocolate chip, oatmeal, snickerdoodle, and sugar. And you can get the kiddos involved in the baking! An easy shortcut is to use the refrigerated cookie dough of your choice. And if you want to be festive, use holiday cookie cutters. The kids can then top with frosting and holiday sprinkles – yum!