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The world’s color experts have shared their predictions for the interior decor trends coming in 2022. Every single one of us hopes that next year will be a return to living sans pandemic and trend watchers can see an expression of that hope in an amiable color palette of pastels.

The eight swatches chosen for this palette are a color story that evokes cleanliness, peacefulness, clarity, well-being, and a fresh start. Read on to better understand the significance of each color selection shown in the ribbon of hues above.

Bright White 

White, naturally, delivers the concept of cleanliness. On your walls, it’s a neutral anchor on which to establish a visual fresh start in your home. Build on it with any combo of the year’s color palette.

Light Gray

This light to mid-value gray conjures the coming of gentle and soothing summer rain, a brief cloudburst that refreshes the air, waters the flora, and cleanses our roads and walkways.


As a transparent, reflective, and shining version of light gray, oxide adds visual depth and interest to the 2022 color palette. Like leaded glass, oxide is clear and beautiful without appearing weak or fragile.


This not-quite-lavender but not-quite-pink shade of lilac perfectly captures the refreshing aura of lilac bushes and the iridescence of the lightest seashells.

Light Blue

The pure light blue of a beach side landscape that’s uncluttered with man-made sprawl. This is the blue of a crisp breeze blowing in from the wide-open Atlantic.

Light Green

The lightest green with a touch of blue keeps this color palette from skewing overly soft. This is the green of a lichen that thrives on the freshest air and one of the most striking colors of a pearlescent jewel from the sea.

Light Yellow

Unlike a blazing summer day, this calming yellow evokes the refreshing light of spring, an early morning walk, and a newly risen sun.


There’s not a hint of pink in this soft orange that’s ubiquitous among fresh fruits, flowers, and ocean life. You’ll find it in seashells and pearls, sandy beaches, and sunlit puddles, too.

Applying the 2022 Color Palette at Home

While on-trend colors may not actually change the world, they can help guide our feelings about home. Many current decorating styles and design themes leave room for these refreshing hues of 2022, so don’t be afraid to apply elements of the new color palette to your own home—regardless of your current decor!

White and grey are the most popular neutrals used in homes today, so you’ll find it’s no stretch to add one or two of the other eight new hues as an easy update. Try peach florals in an old leaded glass vase on your farmhouse tabletop, add a cheerful yellow quilt to your casual bedroom, place lilac linen throw pillows on your rustic side chairs, or incorporate fresh light green rugs with your traditional bath. Cleanliness, peacefulness, clarity, and well-being always have a place in the home. Include the color that represent them as you wish!