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As the weather cools down, we’re gladly welcoming flannel shirts, sweaters and pumpkin spice drinks with open arms. We’re also looking forward to our favorite autumn activity – bonfires! They’re a great way to get together with your loved ones and enjoy the fall weather (and a great excuse to eat all the campfire goodies you want). Hosting a bonfire is easier than you think – here are our five key components to having a simple, safe and fun bonfire.


Great company, great time

You know what they say: “The people make the place” – which is so true! Invite your favorite people to gather around the fire, catch up, reminisce on old memories and make new ones. It’s always nice to hang with friends and family, so take this opportunity to enjoy that time together.


Blankets + pillows galore

Be sure to stock up on blankets and pillows to make your bonfire as comfortable as it can be. Don’t have outdoor chairs to sit in? No problem – use beach chairs, benches or just plant yourselves on the ground and get comfortable. Wherever you sit, stay cozy with a campfire blanket! They’re lightweight, water-resistant and extremely warm. These are the perfect bonfire blankets because you can clean and reuse them whenever you have friends and family over! Interested in lightweight warm blankets? Here are some!


 The fire pit

We can’t forget about the main attraction – the fire pit! There are different kinds of fire pits that will turn your backyard into a bonfire heaven. One of the first things to decide is whether you want a fire pit that is temporary or permanent – do you want to access it all year round, or just take it out when you need it? Here are four types of fire pits:

Temporary + portable fire pits

  • Wood burning – This fire pit makes it feel like you’re at a campfire right in your backyard. With real smoke and the crackle of wood, you’ll have the harvest smell of fall right in front of you.

  • Propane – Larger than their counterparts, this fire pit is great for those who don’t want to worry about feeding wood into a fire all night. Plus, it provides an excellent quality flame that can be decoratively surrounded by faux wood, pebbles or glass.

  • Gel fueled – For people who aren’t fans of bringing home the bonfire smell, this one is for you! Since it’s ventless and uses gel, rather than wood, it eliminates the burnt wood smoky smell, but still provides the advantages of a normal bonfire.

Permanent fire pits

  • Natural gas – This type of fire pit is a permanent fixture since it hooks directly into your gas line! The upside is you’ll never run out of fuel.

Check out these great options.


Campfire food + drinks

As you relax and enjoy yourselves, treat yourself to some delicious bonfire snacks! Bring your bonfire up a notch with s’mores, hot dogs, or anything that can go on a stick and tastes better when a bit smoked. Interested in making s’mores and spicing them up? Here are some unique s’mores recipes.



Conversation aside, it’s always fun to do a group activity when hanging out with loved ones. Keep everyone engaged up and do something interactive! If you have a friend who loves to serenade a crowd, tell them to bring their guitar. You can also play fun (and free!)  games like telephone, charades or two truths and a lie.