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Did you know that an inflatable hot tub gives you the same experience as their built-in counterparts for a fraction of the price? They’re also easy to move if you want to put it away some days… even though it’s always hot tub season, right? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you make the plunge into an inflatable hot tub.

Hot Tub Capacity

Whether you’ll be relaxing solo or getting the party started, thinking about the size of your hot tub is essential. Inflatable hot tubs can be small enough for one person to stretch out, or large enough for six people to feel settled and comfortable.


Convenient Control Pads

The best part about a hot tub is being IN the hot tub. Don’t ruin the vibe by getting out to mess with the controls. Look for ones that have easy access control panels that let you adjust the temperature and jet usage. And all you had to do is lift a finger.

Turn Up the Heat (In Advance)

Spontaneous hot tub dips are fun but may not be easy for inflatable hot tub owners. Sometimes they can take up to 12 hours to heat up – so plan ahead before inviting people over. When you aren’t using it, keep the tub covered to stop the water from cooling too quickly.  

Quick tip – heaters and pumps won’t run at the same time, so you’ll need to decide between bubbles or hot water.


Strong Power Source

Since your hot tub has a big job, like circulating the water and using its built-in air and powering the jets, make sure it’s the only thing on that breaker. Most models use a regular indoor or outdoor plug; as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and stay safe, you’re good to go.

Solid Foundation

As important as it is to take care of the top of your hot tub, you gotta do the same to the bottom. Your inflatable hot tub should come with a tarp that goes underneath, which keeps the bottom from getting scratched up or torn. Want extra? Think about buying a hard-plastic hot tub pad. That platform will give you the sturdy and level surface your hot tub needs.