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Cooking from scratch is always a good thing, but it can take a minute, and you may not have all the fancy kitchen tools that professional chefs use to save time. Here are five practical kitchen gadgets that will take your amateur skills up a notch.


1.       Egg Yolk Separator

We don’t know about you, but for the life of us we can’t separate egg whites as gracefully as those chefs on TV (seriously, how does the yolk stay in the shell?) Luckily, there are egg yolk separators, which are really just small tools that hold the yolk while the egg white drips down into a bowl. Here’s a link to get your own – now you don’t have to spend time juggling the yolk back and forth.

 2.       Vegetable Chopper

Onions, bell peppers and tomatoes, oh my! Rather than spending time cutting up your veggies for your next yummy breakfast omelet, use a vegetable chopper to slice and dice them for you. Check out this link if you want one for your kitchen.


3.       Spiralizer

Veggie noodles are super fun and simple to make – plus, they’re healthy! Use a spiralizer to create noodles out of various vegetables, like zucchini and squash. Check out this quick and delicious zoodle recipe.


4.       Snap-on Strainer

Using a snap on strainer, you can remove boiled water from any pot with ease. And since it clips on the side of your pot, you can go straight from the stove to the sink and get rid of excess water. Check out this link to purchase!


5.       Herb Scissors

Love using fresh herbs but not a fan of cutting them? A pair of herb scissors are a great addition to your kitchen and allow you to cut your herbs straight off the stalk. Your meal will taste garden fresh in no time.