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Just because the school year is beginning doesn’t mean the summer fun has to stop. Plan a great getaway so you and your family can enjoy the warm weather one last time. Here are some tips so your trip won’t break the bank!

1.       Three Day Weekend

We know, we know, your kiddos JUST got back to school. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of your time, right? With Labor Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to squeeze in a short getaway without ruining their perfect attendance record.


2.       Pool, Lake, Beach, Oh My!

Once you’ve picked the dates for your last fun getaway, you can start to figure out where to go! Whether you are sitting poolside at a hotel, lakeside or beachside for the day, having your feet up and knowing the kiddos are having fun is all that matters.


3.       Last-Minute Lodging Deals

There are hundreds of sweet last-minute deals that you can book through travel sites. And don’t think a hotel is your only option – all sorts of places are available to book. Here is a link to help with any accommodation needs.


4.       Road trip!

You’d be surprised how much money you can save when you drive instead of fly. Rather than purchasing a flight for each kiddo, they can make themselves comfortable in your backseat while you chauffeur. And then those savings can go towards fun vacation activities when you get there!


5.       Eat Out Less

Who doesn’t like savings when it comes to food? To make the most out of your trip budget, stock up at the grocery store for basics, like breakfast bars or lunch meat so you don’t have to drop so much dough eating out for every meal. Then you’ll have more to treat yourself and your family to a nice meal on vacay without worry.



6.       Free Public Places

Trips always call for exploring and experiencing new sights and foods. Research what’s happening in the area and to enjoy the local festivities. Some museums or public activities even have deals or free entry! Love being outside? Check out if there are any parks or mountains.