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Most of us can’t afford to completely transform our homes according to seasonal or yearly changes in design trends. And if we could, we might not care to be bothered with it? Can you imagine the endless shopping and rearranging and renovating?
What most of us can do, though, is incorporate trends here and there according to our likes and the needs of our spaces because, ultimately, that’s the reason interiors are decorated at all!
More Than Surface Level
Though we’ve been seeing it for a few years now, pop culture in general remains hooked on the showy, overdone style of the 1980s. Today, it’s less over-the-top and more about patterns, movement, and texture. So, if you’re into color already but you need a place to do your next puzzle or rest a beverage, just add coffee or cocktail tables with that wild, vintage flair. The wavy or geometric lines of an accent table or table set will be just enough to hint at the olden days of new wave.
Dress Up Cloudy Days
Sometimes dark and moody is a look. Sometimes it’s just that your living room window gets no sunlight. If you like light, floor lamps are some of the more affordable pieces you can add to solve that problem and adds lots of style! A lamp with a stick-like body and simple drum shade can make a modern yet modest statement to your space while a gleaming gold lamp with three multi-directional spotlights will set a more lux tone while suiting nearly any style of decor.
The Mantel of Time
Guess what? You don’t have to put your flat screen TV over the fireplace! Sometimes the structure of a living room makes the fireplace the only focal point and, instead of fighting it, it makes sense to put the TV there. But if you’re not a TV watcher, or you prefer to make your mantel more decorative, an oversized wall clock can help keep everyone on time and help set a decor tone for the room.
These are just a few of the accent pieces you can use to dress up your living room. Don’t be limited by our ideas! Go on and browse our entire collection of home decor for more double-duty pieces that are available with an easy rent to own payment!