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Fall holiday decorations are very budget-friendly because all the pumpkins we used for Halloween can be carried right over into November for Thanksgiving! But, even if you find yourself needing new materials for your Thanksgiving decor, there may be plenty of clearance pumpkins, squash and fall flora on sale as shops make way for more Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year’s supplies.

For inspiration, take a look at these easy ideas you can adopt for making your own pumpkin centerpiece.

Pumpkin & Succulents

Succulents are a big year ‘round trend for home decor right now. That means, you can find lots of the little plants at your locally-owned and big box nurseries. You can also find faux succulents at most discount retailers—maybe even for as little as $1 a piece! We like this easy-peasy DIY centerpiece from Simply Happenstance. Go totally green and use real pumpkins and plants, or go faux so you can reuse the materials next year, too. Check out these instructions for your own Pumpkin Succulent Harvest Decoration.

Golden Harvest

A Pumpkin and a Princess offers up a lovely luxe look idea for fall tables. So, if you’re into all things rich and sparkly, buy some gold spray paint and then scavenge your yard for pinecones and pretty branches you can paint gold along with a pumpkin or other squash. You’ll be impressed with your fancy self once you arrange all the pretty pieces along the center of your dinner table, coffee table, or mantle. See the snapshots here: Thanksgiving Inspired Gold Table Decor.

A Pumpkin Basket

This one is so easy, you’ll be mad you didn’t think of it. Dig out a nice basket from your closet—metal, fabric, woven or whatever you like will do just fine. Gather some leafy bits from your garden, craft closet, or clearance bin at the hobby shop. Add some pumpkins and squashes of various sizes. (Apples, plums, pinecones and other fall fruits and veg might look nice, too.) Then arrange them all nicely in your basket. Voila. Look at you go with your designer decor! Keep everything in its natural state or add some color. Get all the details here about Liz Marie’s Basket O’Pumpkins.

A Pumpkin Vase with Flowers

If you like a softer centerpiece with a more traditional vibe, you can use a flower arrangement with your pumpkin, too. There’s really nothing to it. You’re just using a pumpkin as your vase! Hollow out a real pumpkin just like you would if you were planning to carve it into a jack-o-lantern and then add flowers. You can fill your pumpkin with water or drop a vase inside of your pumpkin to hold the water. You can also use a faux floral arrangement so you don’t have to worry about water at all. Scroll through the images at Deer Pearl Flowers’ Pumpkin Wedding Decor Ideas blog.

Hooray for creating a beautiful interior by harvesting what’s already beautiful in nature!