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After a long day of work and play, the last thing you want to deal with is cooking in a cramped kitchen (raise your hands if you’ve washed one too many pans this week). From whipping up a snack for the kids to brewing your morning coffee, time in the kitchen is wayyy more enjoyable when it’s not a hot mess.

Our favorite way to fight the kitchen clutter? Simple and functional appliances, furniture and decor that are still beautiful and stylish. From open shelving space to trendy storage, there are plenty of options to keep your kitchen inviting and ready for the next event.

1. Use Trendy, Simple Ways to Organize


Let’s be honest— keeping your ish organized can be a struggle. But creating your own beautiful, modern, and functional look doesn’t have to be expensive. Get creative with your storage space to add some style and cut down on the clutter. Utensil holders, baskets, and jars are just a few simple ways to store your kitchen essentials. And they won’t break your budget! Dollar stores and discount home decor stores often have trendy containers at great prices.

2. Move To Open Shelving

If you’re handy with tools, (or better yet, have a friend who is) adding open shelving to your kitchen can be budget-friendly with the right materials. We’ll be honest, it’s a bit of an adjustment from traditional cabinets… but the sleek style you get from open shelving will make them totally worth it. You’ll be able to show off your matching containers and dishes, and you’ll add a more open, functional feel to your kitchen. These also help you cut the clutter by forcing you to be a minimalist with the dishes and cookware you have on display.


3. Choose Appliances That Match Your Style

Your modern look won’t be complete if your appliances don’t match the vibe of your kitchen… but there’s a lot to consider when selecting your products, from the size of your family to the size of your space. To help you out, we have helpful appliance buying guides to walk you through the process of choosing the best appliances for you.

4. Add a Splash of Color

A great way to spice up your space is adding a splash of color… but actually choosing that color can be the hardest part (just like choosing your outfit for a night out… you might be here a while). Just pick an accent color that really compliments your cabinets, appliances, and floors. Some people prefer bold colors like red, while others prefer more subtle accents. Either way, it’s an opportunity to subtly break up the main colors in your kitchen.

You can also use this accent color on things like your coffee mugs, utensils, and even oven mitts for some extra flair.


5. Use a Touch of Greenery

Adding a healthy dose of greens isn’t just great for your diet (kale yeah!) — greenery is a great way to bring some much-needed life to your kitchen. Windowsills, islands, and shelves are all great places to add a plant or two. Succulents, small cacti, and small vines are all great ways to add some good-looking greenery.

If you want something that adds style and flavor, try growing some herbs in your kitchen window! They can add some nice color to the room, but will also give you natural herbs to use in your cooking.

And last but certainly not least: a simple vase full of flowers can be a great way to brighten up your kitchen. You can even rotate them out seasonally to keep your kitchen looking lively all year long.