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Finding a new place to live can be exciting, but the actual moving part… not so much. Whether you’re packing up to head across the country or across town, we have a few tricks to making moving a little bit easier.


Clean Clutter First

Do you really need three oven mitts? Why are you hanging on to those jeans that are falling apart? Try lightening your load before you even start packing.

Organize your extra stuff into two piles: one for donating and one for tossing. If you haven’t worn something in a year, give it away. If it doesn’t work, chunk it. Or, if you have the time, hold a yard sale so you can earn some extra cash to decorate your new place. The less you have to move out, the less you have to move in.


Label Like A Pro

Making sure your purses don’t end up in the bathroom and your sweaters don’t end up in the kitchen can save you valuable time, so label each box with the room it’s going to and what’s inside. Oh, and make sure you also write FRAGILE on those boxes full of glasses. If you want to get really organized, use a different color marker for every room. Try to keep all the rooms together when you move. Trust us – it’ll make your life a whole lot easier.



Take Pics of Electronic Connections

You probably have your TV and stereo hooked up just how you like it, and there’s nothing worse than moving in with a box of cords and no idea where they go. Here’s an easy fix: before you unplug, snap pics of all the connections with your phone. Inputs. Outputs. Red wires. Yellow wires. Now you’ll know exactly how to hook them up again so you can watch a movie and order pizza at the end of moving day instead of spending your time on the phone with the cable company.

Move Big Stuff First

Bookshelves, dressers, grandma’s armoire. Anything that takes up a ton of space goes in the truck first. Mattresses, box springs and couches go along the truck’s walls. Boxes are the easiest to move, so those go in last. (The boxes you already labeled with different color markers, right?) Keep all of your important documents – like your social security card – and valuables with you so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

By the way, Aaron’s will move any products you’re currently leasing from us for free within a 15 mile radius. It’s pretty great to not have to worry about moving that washer and dryer or refrigerator on your own, huh?


Pack A Personal Box

Assemble overnight bags or small boxes with all the things everyone needs right after the move. We’re talking toothbrushes. Books for the kids. Phone chargers. And don’t forget to grab some cereal and milk for an easy breakfast the morning after the move.

Hopefully these moving ideas will keep your move (mostly) stress-free. More importantly, you’ll save some time to play with a little bubble wrap once you get settled because who doesn’t love bubble wrap