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The holidays are coming fast and that means kitchen and dining space will be at a premium for the rest of the year. The good news is we recently beefed up our product selection with lots of sturdy pieces designed to complement kitchens and dining rooms! There are now hundreds of pieces to choose from if you’re looking to add a workspace, countertop, shelves or cupboards to these busy rooms in your home.
Kitchen Carts & Islands
If you find yourself short on counter space for rolling out pie crust—and don’t forget there’s a big day for homemade pies coming up—a new kitchen cart or kitchen island may be an ideal solution. What’s the difference between the two? Carts are lighter and come with wheels as they’re designed to be moved around within tighter spaces. Islands are made to stay in place, meaning they can be heavier pieces of furniture with more storage capacity and counter space.
Regardless of which piece you need, you’ll want to make your selection based on your preferred style and wood finish, what kind of additional storage space you want (drawers, cupboard space and/or open shelves), and what type of top you need. A butcher block or wooden top can serve as an all-purpose workspace but will need extra protection from cuts and stains. A marble, stainless, or granite top will resist stains, water, and bacteria while keeping your pastry dough cooler.
Buffet Cabinets & Pantries
If you need more storage space than workspace, a buffet cabinet or pantry will fit the bill. These pieces come in furniture styles that can be placed in the kitchen, dining room, hallway, or anywhere that makes sense in your home. All of these pieces are designed to be placed against a wall as their storage is accessible only from one side.
Counter-height buffet cabinets can be used similarly to a kitchen cart or island. A buffet cabinet with a hutch can do the same with an additional storage cupboard above. And, if you just want storage, a pantry will do the job like a double decker cupboard made just for hiding all your cookbooks, canned goods, party supplies, and whatnot behind closed doors.
Like the kitchen carts and islands mentioned above, buffets and pantries come in a variety of styles and wood finishes, so you’ll have no problem finding a piece that suits the decor that’s already in your home. And, of course, all of these pieces are available on low, flexible rent to own payment plans with free delivery and set up included!