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Is it just us, or is this the hottest summer in like, forever? It makes it kind of difficult to enjoy a nice meal outside even if we do have a nice porch or patio. But hey, a patio umbrella is the perfect solution to beat the heat. But sometimes you just need help choosing the right one. We’re here to help you select the one that’s the right shape and size.


Small and Medium Umbrellas

If you have a smaller patio or bistro table, a small-sized umbrella is a good fit. Small patio umbrellas typically measure about 6-6.5 feet across – perfectly covering a table that seats 2-4 people. If you have a medium sized deck or table, medium patio umbrellas are a great fit, since they measure about 8-10 feet across.


Pro tip – For big family get-togethers and pool parties, you’ll definitely need a large patio umbrella. Some can be as much as 14 feet across!


Square and Rectangular Umbrellas

Rectangular patio umbrellas are best for rectangular tables, which tend to seat anywhere from 6-8 people. They can also be used to provide shade for outdoor seating with a free-standing base. Square patio umbrellas are versatile – generally, these can cover 2-6 people.


Free-standing vs. Patio Table

There is oooone more decision, and it’s a tough one – a free-standing or patio umbrella. Both have their advantages, but it depends on what works best for you. Some outdoor patio tables have a hole in the center for your patio umbrella. But you can put free-standing umbrellas wherever you want!

Now you can sit back and eat with ease thanks to your ideal patio umbrella!