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Did you know that there are preferred types of mattresses to use based on what type of bed you have? Yeah, we didn’t know either! Luckily, we have the low down, so let’s unpack information on which mattress works best with a platform bed or a box spring bed.

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Platform Bed

A platform style bed usually is lofted and raised off the ground. This type of bed contains wooden rigs that go across the base of the frame from the headboard to the footboard. Since these slats are raised, there is no need for a box spring, which means the mattress can sit right on top.


Best Mattresses for Platform Bed

Any kind of mattress works for a platform bed, but these two specific types are ideal:


–          Latex: Latex mattresses are known for being durable and comfortable since they bounce back quickly. Unless its synthetic, latex mattresses are eco-friendly and avoid harsh chemicals. People enjoy them since they conform quite nicely to your body.

–          One-sided: These mattresses contain a base layer with foam to maximize comfort for the sleeper. These mattresses don’t require as much maintenance since manufacturers are able to add several layers of padding to ensure the ultimate sleeping experience.


Using a Box Spring

There are three important things that a box spring does for your mattress: 

1.       Gives it support and stability

2.       Creates a firm and flat surface

3.       Raises the mattress height


Quick tip – A box spring isn’t necessary for all kinds of bed frames – it’s typically used for collapsible metal ones that sit on the ground.


Best Mattresses for Box Springs

Various mattresses work best with a box spring in order to provide the most comfort for you and your family:

–          Older designs: Got an older mattress? Not a problem – box springs actually help maintain the longevity of your bed. They help prevent sagging and add support to your mattress.

–          Two-sided: To keep your mattress fluffy, two-sided mattresses should be flipped over a span of a few months. With a box spring, it makes flipping it a bit easier.

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