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This can be your summer of color but, you don’t have to repaint your walls in every hue of the rainbow! There are lots of opportunities to add some pops of your favorite shade around your home without committing to a complete makeover. Choose a focal piece like an upholstered bed or sofa, or add little accents with your kitchen appliances or other home accessories. Start small before you go bold or go all the way from the start! Check out some of these options below to find the perfect pop for your palette.



Red is a big statement-maker that’s filled with energy and warmth. Many decorators choose it for dining rooms and bedrooms because it symbolizes passion and stimulates the appetite. Red furnishings, kitchen appliances, and more can bring big personality to your space, but you can also choose to lighten your vibe with pink, instead. Our selection of accenting seating and living room sets in velvety rose, pink, and coral will inspire calmness and hope as they deliver a quiet sense of surprise, too.



Storage pieces, accents, sofas, and small appliances can deliver a shock of green or the lush softness of the forest. Living room seating makes a perfect canvas for using green to sharply stand out or calmly blend in. Choose retro avocado shades to counterbalance the cool, chrome colored trim of a modern side chair, or try leafy camouflage  for a sofa or loveseat that’ll tickle any plant parent our outdoorsman!



While the blues are a musical embodiment of struggle and strife, the color blue drives feelings of coolness and relaxation. Blue bedroom furniture, rugs, lamps, and accent seating add a sense of welcoming calm to your home no matter which part of the spectrum they come from—fresh sky blue to deep midnight blue. Boost the rejuvenating vibes of your family room with a transitional leather recliner, soft sleeper sofa, or sleek sofa sectionals with hidden storage.


Don’t be afraid to introduce surprising hues into your space. Color makes home more fun, more relaxing, more YOU! So, go ahead and express yourself.