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This blog is the third of a three-part “With Ashley Furniture” series.

Let’s be honest; most of your weekends are booked up with fun plans with friends, but sometimes you just need to hang out at home, relax and catch up on your favorite TV shows. Here are some fun ways you can create your own haven and go into full relaxation mode.

1.       Change of Color

Say goodbye to stress and hello to relaxation when you switch up your room’s color palette.  Specific colors, like pale blue and soft gray, tend to be more soothing to the eye. Set a calm bedroom mood with a new comforter or blanket to make you feel cool as a cucumber.


2.       Ashley’s Big Comfy Couches

After a long day of work, the couch is one of the first places we go. If you need  to upgrade your current sofa for something a little more comfy and stylish, Ashley Furniture has great living room options designed to fit any style.


3.       Mood Music

Certain sounds, like waves crashing on the beach, make most of us feel really relaxed. Luckily, we don’t have to be on vacation to hear it! Most music streaming services have tracks of ocean sounds or rain falling. Just want some instrumental music? No problem – whether you listen to instrumental piano or soft jazz tunes, all that matters is that you feel relaxed after you press play.



4.       Candles or Essential Oils

Did you know that scents like lavender and eucalyptus can help you relax? Add some scented candles to your nightstand or take it up a notch and turn your living or bedroom into your own personal spa – all you need is an essential oil diffuser. Here are some budget-friendly options.


5.       De-clutter Your Room

Straightening up your bedroom, whether it’s getting rid of clothes, or simply cleaning off your night stand, can take a weight off your shoulders. Got a pile of dirty clothes? Make it laundry day and organize your drawers so they are clean and pristine. Sometimes, just getting your life together can do the trick.


dreamstime_m_133776335 (1).jpg

6.       Cozy Accessories

Create a spa feel in your home with soft accessories that feel like you’re on cloud nine (literally). Add plush, soft blankets and pillows to your living room and bedroom furniture to sprinkle some relaxing vibes across the room.


The “With Ashley Furniture” blog series will build up to a big Aaron’s® event on May 13th!