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Trust us, we’ve heard what some people say about renting to own. But our feelings aren’t hurt, because we know the truth. And now you can, too. Check out some of these myths and the real deal facts.

Myth Facts

MYTH: Rent-to-own products are all used or low-end.

At Aaron’s, it’s just the opposite. We only carry the good stuff – top brands you know and trust, like LG, GE and Samsung. And at Aaron’s it’s always up to you: you can take home a brand new product, or if you want to save a little money, we may have the same item in great condition, fresh off lease.

MYTH: I have to go in an Aaron’s store to start an agreement.

Nope, not at Aaron’s. We are the leader in leasing to own online and makes it possible to browse, sign a lease and make payments all online (even while you’re sitting at home in your bathrobe and slippers). Plus, is open 24/7 so you can shop whenever you want.

MYTH: There are always hidden fees.

Always? Try never! We make sure there are no surprises. You’ll know everything, including your monthly payment, number of payments, cost of lease services and total cost of ownership. There are no hidden fees at Aaron’s.

MYTH: It’s difficult to return your product.

Nope. Leasing to own at Aaron’s means you really can stop your lease whenever you want for any reason. Just say the word and we will gladly pick it up with no penalties, no debt, no pick-up fees and no worries.

But that’s not all. We also offer something called “Lifetime Reinstatement” on most products. That means if you return your merchandise before you make all of your payments, you can pick back up wherever you left off on similar product whenever you’re ready. Super cool, right?

MYTH: Buying is always better.

For some people, sure. But maybe you’re just starting out. You have a fixed income. Or you just had to fix the roof and suddenly the refrigerator breaks. That’s where we come in. When you rent-to-own, you don’t need hundreds of dollars in your hand to own top quality, name brand furniture, electronics and appliances. All you need is your first payment.

When it comes to renting to own, you can’t believe everything you hear. So head to your nearest Aaron’s or visit our How It Works page. Get the real info and see what’s possible for you!