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Decorating and arranging your furniture is tricky when you live in a small place with an even smaller living room. It can be overwhelming trying to find furniture you love, decide how you want to arrange it, and still make your room feel spacious. But good news — a small living room doesn’t have to totally cramp your style. Here are some of our favorite ways to save space and make the most of what you’ve got.


Put a rug under it.

If you have hardwood or tile floors in your apartment, rugs can add a cozy feel without adding extra clutter. And if you’re living that studio apartment life, rugs can divide your room visually without adding more furniture.

At Aaron’s, there’s a rug for every style. Whether you want something traditional or modern, it’s totally easy to find a rug that fits your look.

Make your furniture pull double-duty.

When you’re decorating a smaller room, using one piece of furniture for multiple purposes can save on space. For example, use a small trunk instead of traditional coffee tables or end tables. They’re perfect for propping up your feet during a movie, but they’re also great for storing things like board games, throw pillows, or video game controllers.

No overcrowding, please.

At the end of a long work day, nothing feels quite as awesome as crashing on your couch. But over-sized furniture can really cramp up a small place, and even though those big, cushy couches are always comfortable, they aren’t always the best choice if you live in a tiny apartment. A minimalist living room set will help to open up the space, and give your room a more modern feel. You won’t sacrifice comfort, and they are way less bulky.


Open up the room with light colors.

Color can add just the right amount of “pop” to a room, but too much of it can make your living room feel smaller than it really is. Choosing lighter colors for your walls, rugs and furniture can make your room feel open, light, and modern. Want to spice things up? Try using a more vibrant color for your throw pillows or accent pieces to add a personal touch.

Cut the clutter.

In a small space, a little bit goes a long way. Wall art, knickknacks, decorative trays, lamps, and plants can really start to add up, and before you know it, your living room feels tiny and cluttered. Just be strategic with accent pieces to avoid going overboard. Your space will feel bigger, and you’ll have less to dust when it’s time to clean.


Add mirrors for a larger feel.

Mirrors are a great way to trick your eyes into thinking your room is larger than it really is, and they’re practical. Put them somewhere where you can check your makeup or outfit before you head out of the door.