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Can we all just agree that soccer is the best sport? We’re obsessed. And no matter your team, throwing a view party is a great way to get your friends together and enjoy the game. Here are some easy steps to host a soccer-themed party that the whole neighborhood will want to be a part of!

1. Set Up For The Big Game

Getting the set up right is key for hosting a successful viewing party! You need enough seating so everyone can be comfortable, but enough open space so you don’t feel packed in like sardines.

Idea: channel your inner soccer mom, and use those portable folding chairs for easy (& cheap) seating. Plus, it totally goes with the whole soccer theme!

Party Snacks

2. Bring On The Snacks

Let’s face it, food makes or breaks a party. Try making one of our favorite recipes: the 7-layer bean dip. It’s delicious and definitely a crowd pleaser! Here’s a recipe from Genius Kitchen to get you started. Just make sure that the top layer is guac so you can make it look like a soccer field!

3. Decorating Done Easy

If you’re looking for easy and affordable decorations for a soccer viewing party, look no further. Instead of dishing out cash for fancy decorations you’ll use once, just hang different countries flags and jerseys around the room. And if you plan ahead, you can order the flags online for cheap.

Dog with soccer ball

4. Play Some Pick Up

After watching all that soccer, you’ll be itching to get some kicks in and run off those snacks! Plan a quick pick up game during halftime or at the end of the match so you can practice some new moves.

Our favorite move? Try a rainbow kick!