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The seating in our living spaces tends to get treated as utilitarian; the pieces are more like necessities than style statements. But, why not have a sofa or loveseat that can do both? The things you need for your home can be as visually interesting as you want them to be and, since unique spaces are on trend, it’s easier than ever to land a statement piece (or two) affordably. Take a look at some of these trends for zhuzhing up your living space!

Unique Silhouettes

Unexpected shapes are a big hit for smaller pieces like loveseats, apartment-sized sofas, and accent seating. Boxy pieces with smooth upholstery and metal or acrylic accents are typically designed with a modern or industrial interior in mind, but curvy pieces with soft fabrics like velvet and jewelry-like trims are available, too, for those who want a glam or maximalist look. Chaise lounges are easy curvy additions if you want just a little bit of extra in your space without going overboard.

Leather Upholstery 

Leather always has been—and probably always will be—the most luxurious of all upholstery and now that vegan leather looks and wears almost as good as the organic stuff, you can get the look for less cash and environmental worry. Black, gray, and white are perfectly suited to contemporary spaces. Browns can fit into nearly any type of decor but pre-worn styles are better for casual and rustic interiors.


Colorful Fabrics 

If ROY G. BIV is your best friend, an eye-catching set of pieces in pink, teal, rust, red, or evergreen will fit right in at your home! If you’re looking for just a little pop of color, though, a single piece in a surprising hue can make just the right amount of noise. Sofas, loveseats, and chairs are often sold in sets—yes, even the vibrant ones—but that doesn’t mean you have to use them that way! Put the smaller piece from a set in the owner’s suite, then mix and match the seating in your living space. Choose complementary colors or fabrics or shapes to make it work just right, or go completely bohemian where less matchy-matchy is better.

Decorating is always best when it’s personalized and that means you can choose any kind of seating that makes you happy! And when you rent to own from Aaron’s, you can choose seating that fits your budget, too.