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This blog is the second of a three-part “Reduced Spending” series. Be sure to check back for one more upcoming blog.

You’ve officially booked your holiday plans (feels good, right?) To get the entire family in the holiday spirit, decorate your home to look festive, nice and bright! If you find yourself digging through storage boxes and plugging in old lights that are half-lit, it’s time to replace them. Here are a few ways that you can decorate your home for the holidays without breaking your budget.


1.     DIY seasonal décor

Surprise your friends and family with beautiful homemade decorations! There are tons of pieces you can make that are quick and easy, like your own wreath or customized ornaments. Or check out your local craft store to get some seasonal fabric and make your own tablecloth or table runner. Here is a link to give you a ton of DIY inspiration.


2.    Colored vs. Holiday items

Color is a great way to transform your home for the holidays. Instead of buying materials that say, “Happy Holidays”, consider buying color-coordinated dinnerware, like placemats, paper plates, and cups, that you can repurpose and reuse once the season is over.

Quick tip – color-coordinated dinnerware can be used for any get-together or event you have at your home, so keep them for your next occasion!


3.    Less is more

During the holidays, you always see peoples’ homes decked out with serious decorations, inside and out (if you can see their house from down the street, they may have taken it a little too far). But no need to go overboard – give yourself (and your wallet!) a break and purchase small items that will add just enough décor to get you in the holiday spirit. 


4.    Get it online + in bulk

When you plan accordingly, online shopping can be your best friend! Take this opportunity to plan what you want to purchase for the entire season. Then order all of your décor at the same time. Keep in mind, you’re buying decorations that you’ll keep for many seasons – so, spending the extra cash up-front could be worth it.


5.    Store it safely

No one likes that sinking feeling when you take out your boxes of decorations and hear broken lights or ornaments clinking around inside. Properly storing your décor is essential to helping it last and saving a buck or two when you don’t have to replace it. Use old newspaper or bubble wrap to keep your fragile materials safe. And you can pack them inside of a storage container using old sheets or blankets to keep them from touching one another.


6.    Post-holiday sales

You know what saves you money? Buying all of those decorations the day after Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Typically, the prices go down the longer it is after the holiday. (But don’t wait too long or the ones you really want will be gone!) Then next year, when you receive compliments on your new décor, no one will ever know that you got it all for 50% off – score!