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Sometimes we have to move when we have to move, but if we try to move during certain times of year, we may be able to save a bit on rental rates. Right now, there’s a lot of competition for rental units across the board, but according to Investopedia and popular apartment hunting websites, certain times of year are still better than others for starting a new lease.
Most people prefer to move during warmer weather, so it makes sense that the busiest moving period is between May and September. That’s also the time of year high school and college students are leaving home to start careers in new places from their very own apartments. Naturally, that means it’s easier to find lower rental rates between October and April.
The best way to secure a new lease during those prime winter months? Start the search mid-month prior to your target move date. Of course, it’s possible to begin sooner to make sure there’s time for apartment community visits between shifts at work or on weekends. Just be sure to get all the rate information about leasing during different months, not just rates for the current month.
Another important factor to remember when saving is key, book the moving company ASAP so ensure move dates are available on their schedule. Ask before you book if the mover has certain dates around your target move date that are filling up fast or remaining wide open. That can help with scheduling around work shifts and holidays so you don’t have to spend valuable vacation or PTO days on your move, too.If you’d like to get an idea of how rental rates fluctuate in different regions, visit Rent Price Ranges in 10 Major Cities and check out the numbers on one and two bedroom apartments. Even if you can’t choose to move during the month that’s historically the least expensive in your area, you can certainly try to avoid the month that’s the most expensive!