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Most of us have nightstands but may not give them the TLC they deserve. Consider a few easy upgrades to give your bedroom a fresh new look!

1.       Stacked Crates

Simple wood crates may be taking up space in your storage closet but can serve a new purpose as a new night stand! Just stack two crates on top of one another, screw them together, and voila! You have the perfect rustic night stand. Want to take it up a notch? Stain or paint the wood afterwards to give it a fresh touch.

2.       Bedside Bar Cart

Really think outside the box and use a bar cart as your personal night stand! With a mini trolley at your disposal, you can store anything you need in a cute and functional way. Decide to rearrange your room? Your night stand will easily move wherever you want it. Check out this cool bar cart night stand to give you inspiration.

3.       Dream Desk

Have a larger space next to your bed? Put a desk at your bedside, where you can surf the web, read a book, and more! Check out this really cute bedside desk we totally fell in love with.


4.       Upcycle Thrift Store Finds

Hit up your local thrift store and check out some small tables that would fit nicely next to your bed. Once you’ve found one that will work, make it your own and grab some primer and paint. That way, you can transform your outdated table to a chic new addition that matches your unique style. For additional ideas, check out this link.

5.       Wooden Touch

If you have a small table that just needs a quick update, add some wood to the top! Cut some wooden slats to an appropriate size, stain them, and attach them to the top of the table. Here’s an example of the final product!