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Have a pair of scissors? A glue stick? Construction paper and maybe even a little glitter? Then you’re set to make Valentine’s Day crafts perfect for school or at-home festive fun! From Valentine’s Day boxes, to cards, to paintings for the fridge, you don’t have to be a master artist or DIY guru to make these holiday works of art (though it may help if you love pink).

Handprint Heart Tree


Is it a centerpiece? A desk ornament? A 3-D Valentine’s Day card? No matter how you use it, one thing is for sure – it’s adorable.


DIY Valentine Wind Sock


This easy craft is fun, festive, and acts as great outdoor décor! Hang your wind sock on a porch or patio and watch as the colorful streamers put on a show.

Multi-Colored Heart Wreath


This tutorial even comes with a printable template to make perfect hearts! Now we’re swooning.

Heart Peacock Craft


Have some hearts left over from your wreath? Repurpose your scraps into a beautiful peacock with a heart-filled plume — fit for prime real estate on your fridge.

Heart Suncatcher


When the light shines through this beautiful suncatcher, it’ll get you in the Valentine’s spirit! All you need is contact paper, tissue paper, and poster board to make this eye-catching gift!