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The kids have been waiting all week for Saturday and then – the sky opens and ruins their fun outdoor plans. Luckily, it’s easy to fend off the boredom blues and still have a fun and memorable day with kids of all ages. With some creativity and imagination, rainy days can be bright after all.

1.     Make edible slime

Stay with us here – as messy and, well, gross as this sounds, it’s a proven kid favorite! You’ll find tons of recipes online for slimy yet tasty crafts that are easy to make and sure to entertain as the thunder rumbles. Just… don’t let it spoil their supper. We like these slime recipes, but a quick Google search will show you the slime-variations are limitless! Get messy!

2.     Make real food, too

Okay, so making slime turns your stomach – we get it. But that’s no excuse to not have fun in the kitchen! Teach some early baking skills and whip up a batch of cookies or brownies, or involve the kids in planning and making dinner. It’s never too early to learn about oven and kitchen safety, and who doesn’t love whisking up a sweet-smelling batter? Most treats can be made with a few basic ingredients you may already have on hand.

3.     Karaoke or a singalong

So the slime was fun, the cookies were delicious, and now we’ve got a sugar rush on our hands? Oops. Let out some of that sugar-fueled energy by hosting a karaoke party or sing-off! You can make it a competition or just do it for fun. Encourage dancing! Putting on your favorite tunes and dancing the rain away is a great way to have an active day indoors and burn a little sugar off, too.

4.     Movie marathon

When it’s time to settle down (or you need a break), there’s nothing cozier than a movie marathon on the couch. Get a batch of popcorn going and grab all the blankets and pillows you can find! Snuggle in, and don’t be surprised if movie time soon turns to naptime. 

5.     Make a fort

You wake up from your movie-induced nap and… it’s still raining. Great. Time to put those pillows and blankets to use and make a fort! You probably did this in your own childhood and it’s a classic for a reason. Who doesn’t love huddling inside a multi-colored fort with flashlights and snacks? Hang out for a while and read, tell ghost stories, or just chat. Don’t be surprised if you get fort requests every weekend.

6.     Go old-school

Speaking of your childhood – take it back to the good old days with some classic indoor games. Hide and seek, tag (space-permitting!), the floor is lava (just in case: pretending that the floor is made of lava and moving around the room without touching it), and heads up seven up are tried-and-true games that give you physical activity, exciting game play, and require no screens or even electricity – handy if that storm outside happens to be a bad one.

At the end of the day, weather is unpredictable and doesn’t care about our plans in the park or at the beach. You may not be able to control when it rains, but you can prepare for a last-minute change of plans by having some rainy-day ideas in your back pocket. Who knows, gray days may end up being their favorite after all!